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2011 Developed real-time video conversion and streaming solution (Umil Air)
Participated in SINOCES 2011 (International consumer IT & home appliance exhibition in China)
2001 ~ 2011 Signed an agreement for PC Sync S/W development with LG Electronics Terminal Research Center
2010 ~ 2011 Participated in industry-academy-research collaboration project with SNU (Parallel Processing of Video Transcoding Using GPGPU)
Participated in IFA
2010 Developed the multimedia contents streaming platform
Executed LGU+ MMC S/W advancement project
Developed PC Sync S/w for SK Telesys
Developed the Smart Charging System
developed Bluetooth Tab Mate (Exclusive contract with Elecom in Japan)
2009 Developed LG PC Suite & Mobile Sync III application
Contracted to develop LG Connection Manager (NTT Docomo model)
2008 Developed and manufactured OID application learning multimedia device
Designated as ‘Outstanding Vendor’ by LGE
Contracted to develop LG Dacom myLGtv MMC S/W
Contracted to develop LGE Navigation PC bundle S/W
2008 ~ 2009 Developed and manufactured LGE MP3 OEM (UP3 serires)
2008 Participated in Cebit 2008
2005~2011 Participated in HK Electronics Fair
2007 Launched Umile Multimedia Converter
2006 ~ 2007 Participated in IFA Exhibition
2006 Contracted to develop and manufacture Safamedia and Stormblue ODM
Contracted to supply 240,000 IXING units to Maxfield in Germany (TM-S2, Slimline)
Introduced the IXING brand
2003 ~ 2004 Developed E-Book, DVD Play/Receiver, and Karaoke system
2003 Certified as a venture enterprise (Seoul SMBA)
2002 Developed Karaoke System for sale in Japan
2001 Developed PC Sync S/W for GSM/GPRS phones
Certified as INNO-Biz enterprise (SMBA)
2000 Opened R&D Center (KOITA)
Founded Tchnonia
Sound improvement technology (2005-01-239-00545)
Multi-presentation system using object ID (10-2009-0122155)
Mapping of user contents with identification data, operation network, terminal and system (10-2009-0122158)
Video conversion system, Moving Picture Transformation Device (Patent No-2010-0020586)
Related Program Technologies
Video conversion program 'Umile Encoder'
Real-time video conversion/streaming program 'Umile Air'
Audio file conversion program 'Umile Audio Converter'
Video editing program 'Umile Movie Action'
Extraction of video and music source from DVD/CD 'DVD/CD Ripper'
Multimedia RSS Reader Tool 'Podcast'
Video player 'Nonia player'