The Most Powerful Video Conversion Solution Selected by Users
Umile Encoder is a program to convert the format and specification so that the video files of different formats will run in various multimedia devices such as the PMP, MP4P, PDA, and mobile phone.

  • Support of video file conversion various codecs
  • Subtitle merging (smi)
  • Live update
  • Flexible option settings and quick preset function
  • Support of CUDA encoding using Nvidia GeForce GPU’s
  • Video file analysis function

  • - Broad user base
    Improvement of function, performance and service through the continuous feedback from users since 2007
  • - Stable internal codec
    Built in code to prevent crash with other codecs installed in the user PC
  • - High performance conversion
    Effective multithread architecture to offer the best performance in the multi-core environment
  • - User friendly environment
    Intuitive UI, various preset configurations, automatic device recognition and transfer, and live update

  • - Free Umile Encoder
    Continuous advancement secured through the expansion and communication of user base
  • - Paid Umile Encoder
    GPGPU H/W based encoding, best performance based on multi-core, and support for MAC OS and other differentiating features
  • - Umile for manufacturers
    Optimum dedicated encoder solution for the manufacturers or distributors of the multimedia products
  • - Umile for service
    Optimum encoder solution for IPTV channel service and Web hard service
  • - Encoding module service
    Encoding module (component) to be applied to other solutions or products