GPGPU - High Performance Video Conversion Solution Using the Graphic Card
Umile Encoder CUDA is the high performance video conversion solution utilizing the parallel processing technology of nVidia graphic cards.

  • - GPGPU parallel processing technology
    Solution using the high speed parallel process in the nVidia graphic card widely used in PC
  • - Multi-core CPU interface
    Interfacing to the multi-core CPU parallel programming in PC to provide the optimum encoding performance
  • - Supported video filter
    CUDA parallel processing of the screen size scaling filter to consume 0 CPU time
  • - Supported video codec
    Currently developing mpeg4 encoder/decoder and h.264 encoder/decoder to be introduced at the second half of 2011
  • - Patent pending
    Moving Picture Transform Device (Patent no.-2010-0020586)

  • - Paid Umile Encoder
    GPGPU based high performance encoding solution
  • - GPGPU based technology alliance
    GPGPU based parallel programming technology
    High performance H/W acceleration with the large capacity/multimedia data processing