TEDI is an abbreviation of ‘Telling Episode with Digital Image’ meaning the customized storytelling of digital contents. TEDI Plus is the technology to automatically recognize invisible printed dot-code to retrieve the digital multimedia data. The dot pattern that can be printed on all media such as the paper, plastic and metal defines the encrypted code data that can link to digital multimedia data when read by the infrared camera.
  • Convergence of analog and digital media
    The new interface technology opens the window to digital media in the printing media (book, newspaper, magazine, catalog, etc.) through the convergence of the strengths of the analog printing media with rich expressive power.
  • Intuitive interface
    Complex information access and unneeded time of the existing method can be eliminated even for the children senior citizens and disabled as the information can be immediately accessed by touching any printed area with the TEDI pen touch.
  • Maintained design
    While the QR code and barcode can distort the design as they require a separate space, dot-code is invisible and thus there is no layout constraint.